With over a decade of sales success under his belt, Brian’s passions have always been clear: hard work, fitness, and friends. Like any true entrepreneur, this realization quickly became an opportunity to create Three Hunters Vodka. The idea for Three Hunters was born from Brian’s lifestyle. He is the quintessential Three Hunters drinker: wake up at first light, work your tail off, squeeze in a workout with friends, eat cleanly, hit the town, rinse and repeat. From competing in adventure races to restoring his ’73 Ford Bronco to sharing the Three Hunters story, Brian’s passions are the new daily grind.




Prior to Three Hunters, Mike's work week was a vicious cycle: the snooze button played on heavy rotation and was echoed with a monotony of endless emails and bureaucracy. It wasn’t until mid-2012 when Mike reconnected with two other ambitious “hunters” that he began to search for something more out of life. Three Hunters forced him to take risks and opened his eyes to what could and should be. At the end of the day, Three Hunters simply offers a great excuse for us to put down our phones and chat it up with friends old and new. After all, it is vodka (and pretty damn good, at that).



Co-Founder, CEO

Stuart's hero, his grandfather Jack, was a liquor salesman in New York City.  As a kid, competition had always been the driving force behind Stuart's life choices. Playing tennis and basketball against his twin brother as a kid turned into climbing the corporate ladder and even winning a reality TV show in Fiji. Little did he know, he was preparing himself for the ultimate challenge, following in his grandfather's footsteps. With Three Hunters Vodka, it is time to be both the business executive AND the “hunter-gatherer” he learned how to be on that island. Starting Three Hunters Vodka with two of his closest friends is the adventure for which Stuart has been waiting for his whole life.